b-logWhy anybody else? In Metaphysics we learn there is not just one chance, one solution, one answer, one anything. So, maybe, Metaphysical Toi (that’s you) or or Metaphysical Trois (that’s three of us or you – triplets or clones). Or, might as well be the person typing this, aka Metaphysical Moi.

I came here for answers, obviously.

And maybe you did, too.

I’ve got a library of what I call metaphysical books I can share with you. But really, honey, there ain’t book gonna tell you what you want to know. You can read the books and get a glimpse into something, mebbe, but metaphysically speaking – all life (even an upside-down life) is living.

So here’s a blg to get you thinking about something other than your self (or selves if you’re a trois).

More later, as I readjust to the rigors of writing.



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