I’ve recently come to the conclusion the metaphysical gift of extra senses may be a form of self-defence. As in, clairvoyance, psychokinesis and telepathy can build a wall around you – an invisible fence against any thing or any body that would do you harm.

I needed this gift early on, as a wee child, and it came to me, uninvited like a white dove landing on my head (I must have seen this painting somewhere. Picasso?)

I knew I didn’t belong in the family in which I found myself , with an obsessive-compulsive mother and a passive, submissive father who was absent even when he was present.

I developed the ability to make myself ill. Enrolled in a Sunday school, where my classmates belittled and ignored me, I managed to have a fever of 100 degrees or more every Sunday morning, until the parents realized Sunday School was making me sick. Miraculously, after a day in bed, with nasty bouillon and plenty of tap water, I recovered in order to go to public school on Monday.  I was about six then, and first grade was a relief away from the immaculate house, with its gleaming windows and spot-less everything else. And a mother who said Strictly – “do not touch.”

I still have the ability to regulate my body. I can lower my blood pressure dramatically at the doctor’s office in order to avoid statins or further checking up on my wanton heart. I recovered from a stroke in what I consider warp speed, although at the time, it felt like I was slogging through a swamp full of jello. I healed my gums also – avoiding costly dental work….I’ve employed the healing shift on others, but that seems more random than when I work on my self. I would never call myself a healer. I just try to “help” ease pain or headaches or body aches, I’ve seen moving energies work (like, the spotless family home, I do not touch) work on family and friends, but I’d never bet on it. If I had to describe it, I’d say I just shift the energies away from pain and back to pain-free balance.

Well, if you’ve read this far, I’d like to suggest that you can also use your mind to regulate your body – temperature – pain – anxiety (that’s the hardest, though). After all, mind-body-spirit are said to be ONE, so why wouldn’t mind-to-body communication work? When it does, it is a great defence – a defender, protector and enabler for YOU and also, if need or wanna be, to help others.

That’s the way I see it. I came here to learn.












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