One of the most compelling moments in my metaphysical journey was the hallucination I had when my fever reached 105 degrees. I was in my early 20s, suffering from hepatitis-induced mononucleosis. My skin, my fingernails, my eyes were the color of lemons, and I faded in and out of consciousness due to a high fever that finally broke.Before it did, I visualized my funeral as a Medieval religious figure. I not only saw my body in a casket,I heard the choir and I smelled the incense.

That visualization sealed my realization of reincarnation. I am not religious, and certainly not Catholic, but what I saw and experienced (heard and smelled) were too vivid to be dismissed as a dream.

So, this early 20s vision set a path for me to explore a reality beyond this one.

And so I did. I came here to learn.




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