Testing for psychic validity is an oxymoron. Skeptico aside, in my opinion, the only valid way to test a psychic (clairvoyance, telepathy, pk) is to experience a psi “moment” in person, where it always seems like an accident or a coincidence. But, at least, there are witnesses.

Tell a psychic you’re going to test her, and right away the conscious part of her mind goes into “test mode.”  Grab your pencils and your papers, kids, your ACT scores will determine if you get into Harvard.  Like that. I know that’s how it is for me when it comes to psychic skill tests.

There have been some reputable and not-so reputable “psychics” who have put themselves “to the test” on television, and, especially reality TV shows. This is like fast food for the questioners – Psychic/Medium on demand. I watched some of these programs closely and I can see some cold-readings, but I’m also aware most of the original episode was cut. Out went the missed readings & in went the Hits, making it seem like the TV psychic is 100%.  Not to disparage the one who calls himself a psychic. Likely, he is – to some extent. But not to the zenith TV would lead you to believe.

Back to testing. I’ve been tested several times in science-led experiments, The in-person test was easier. I was in a dark room, with no sensory input, except a bell that would ring randomly. My results were reported as excellent.

The online tests were harder. I had to shut down the part of my mind that wanted perfection and go into a kind of trance (as in no sensory input), hard to accomplish sitting at a computer on a desk full of doodads and notes and Oregano and Peppermint Oil bottles with scents to help keep me open. While I did not perform as well as I wished on most of these tests, I learned something. Thinking about “being psychic” is a prescription for failure. Every time. Thinking is the direct opposite of Being. And where, I did score well online, it was because I led my mind to think about anything but the test – to concentrate on gazing at my desk doodads or re-savoring my favorite carrot cake recipe or recalling the Sly & The Family Stone Concert I attended back in the 1970s. That worked for me, usually.

Most people who know I have some metaphysical/psi skills know because I showed them. I told them. I predicted them. I opened jammed doors, turned on burned-out lights, put my hand on a Bukowski poetry book I was seeking in a sea of old books at a tag sale. Like that. Not to brag. never ever brag. Just how it works some times. And some times not.

That’s one reason I began blogging again. I wanted to document the metaphysical events I could remember while I still can remember them.

This is surely a test.

I came here to learn.







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