I wanted to be an artist. Always. Color draws me in and art talks to me in a language I understand. As a toddler, I loved to color. When I was growing up, there were only 12 or so colors in the crayon box, but enough.  Because we were poor, I only had one coloring book – it was a circus coloring book, with clowns and tents and elephants.

I liked to color outside the lines. This greatly offended my mother, who was strict about following rules. She insisted I color within the lines of the clown’s costume and the ball bouncing atop the seal’s nose. But I defied her. Although I was young, I resisted the arbitrary-ness of who ever drew the lines.  I must have known, deep within my heart and soul, no real artist ever obeys a rule or a line.

But, as fate would have it, I was a much better writer than an artist. Words seemed to flow out of me like water out of a dam. Drawing was always painstaking and difficult and cartoonish. I became a published cartoonist, but that didn’t satisfy my yearning to create art. Eventually, I took the easy path and began writing.

I always read voraciously. There is, in fact, no better survival tool than reading – whether your prison is your mind or a jail cell. And so much reading, helping me survive a difficult childhood, also informed my writing skills. I didn’t want to write. It just happened. Another voice dictated the words and I dutifully put them down.

Whether it’s art on the wall or the written word in a book, creative people are blessed to be able to escape into a place where there are no rules – where we are as free as we’ll ever be

I’ve learned that many people with psychics skills are also artists – creative people, painting, crafting, writing, making music. This makes sense to me. The creative zone is essentially the same as the ESP zone.   Metaphysics

art by the great dubuffet


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